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Verizon is one of the most important telecommunications companies in the United States and they have launched a messaging application call Verizon Messages that can be used by its users and also by those who are not. This app will allow the sending of text messages, photos, videos and even gift cards. Download Verizon Messages and change your default messaging app to a more complete one that includes a lot of fun tools for your SMS.

Verizon Messages offers much more fun text messages, including multimedia, gifs, stickers and much more. You can program the synchronization so you do not lose any message or any data no matter which device you use. If you want to know more about how you can use and download Verizon Messages in this post we show you everything you need to know.

How does Verizon Messages works?

After you download Verizon Messages, it will be enough to select a contact from the agenda to write whatever you want. Keep in mind that it is necessary to have a SIM card operative since it does not work by Internet connection.

This app has many more functions and features than the native Android app offers, among these is the possibility of sending multimedia content such as videos, photos, gifs or stickers. You can create different group chats and customize them to your liking; create chats where you include up to 250 people, delete people from the group when you want or click to avoid annoying messages.

Verizon Messages has the function of being able to send to any contact of your preference gift cards from different stores such as Starbucks or Amazon, for a value of up to $ 100.

Also, Verizon Messages chats are very customizable, you can change the backgrounds for any of your preferences, modify the avatars and much more. The app also has integration to different applications; one of these is Yelp, with which you can search for restaurants, addresses or entertainment sites.

You can also integrate with Kanvas to create your own gifs and stickers, edit your photos and write on them or access the camera directly from the application. Another integrated app is Glympse, with which you can share your location with your contacts to be able to meet them or they can find you more easily.

You can program automatic response messages by turning on the driving mode, so when you are in your car your contacts can receive quick answers without needing to take your Smartphone. This option also disables notifications temporarily so there are no distractions while you are on the road.

How to download Verizon Messages

Download Verizon Messages will be a very useful and complete alternative to your usual messaging app. Currently it is only available for devices with Android operating system, either Smartphone or Tablet. It is a free app that does not require an Internet connection but a SIM card for sending messages.

You can get this app in the Google Play Store by accessing directly in the shortcuts that we leave at the end of the post. Download Verizon Messages can be done from any device, whether Verizon or not.

Download Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages

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