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The most popular messaging service now becomes a useful tool to boost your business with this new version of the app. WhatsApp Business allows business owners to interact with their customers and offer them the information they need through the well-known messaging service. If you want to have a WhatsApp account for your business, independent of your personal account, you must download WhatsApp Business. And for that, at the top of this post we have a quick and easy download button with which you can do it.

Now you can separate your personal messages from those that are business related; and having both accounts in the same mobile device. If you want to know more about how this app works, in this post we show you and also how you can download WhatsApp Business.

Why download Business?

With WhatsApp Business you can manage an account dedicated to your business where your clients can text you through the well-known app. You can even send images, documents and all kinds of multimedia content as in the traditional app. The only requirement is to have a registered business to open an account in WhatsApp Business. So if you want to be in contact with your customers you must download WhatsApp Business. You will even have the possibility to call your customers for free or receive their calls.

WhatsApp Business includes different functions exclusive to this app. As the entry of business data, where you can add the address, contact numbers, schedules and more. Your business can be located on the map so customers can know the route to arrive. You can also create automated messages, to answer the most common questions, and even inform your customers that you are out of work hours, and know when they can be served. This includes a welcome message that you can add once the customer starts a conversation for the first time.

With WhatsApp Business you can have two WhatsApp accounts running on the same device. This way you will have the messages of your clients in an app different from your personal messages. It is enough to register a different number in each one.

How to download Whatsapp Business

Download WhatsApp Business can be done very easily and there are various ways to do it. At the moment it is available only for devices with Android operating system.

You can download through Google Play, by entering “WhatsApp Business” in the search bar; and when the app appears just click “Install”. You must wait a few moments while the app is downloaded and installed. Once the process is finished, the device will inform you in the notification bar.

You can also use our easy and quick download button located in the top of this post. This will download an installer file that has the format apk. You must place it on your mobile device, in the downloads folder through the file manager. If you made the download through the computer, transfer it to your device. Accept the permissions and press Install.

Download tsapp Business

tsapp Business

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