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We all like watching food videos. It is very popular, to the point that there is a genre called foodporn. This is basically food preparation videos where you can see the ingredients, the process and the final results. If you like this type of videos and learn more about food, then you need to download Tasty. This is a great app where you can find all the recipes and videos that you want.

Tasty is a company linked to BuzzFeed. It is very popular nowadays because it makes short videos where you can see how they prepare food in creative ways. You can find their videos for genres, so if you only like dessert videos, or only fast food, you can find it like that too. So, if you want to know more about this app, keep reading this app to know what you can do with it and how you can get it.

Tasty is the best app to find video recipes online

As we mentioned before, Tasty is part of the BuzzFeed company and this means that this is a separated platform that got really popular for its quality. On their videos you can see how they prepare amazing food, all the ingredients, the amount, the process behind it and the result. The best part about their videos is that is very creative and they are always innovating to make better plates.

With Tasty you can have more than two thousand recipes where you can find everything you want to eat. Once you download the app, you will see ‘my recipes’, and if you tap there, you will see all your saved recipes. This is basically a cookbook where you have all your favorites, and you can even filter the recipes so you can find faster what you want.

The best part is that if you don’t know what to eat, Tasty will recommend you a recipe for the day and the hour. This way you can always get new recommendations and recipes. Also, if you are a vegetarian, don’t worry because Tasty got you covered. You can adjust the app and it will show you only vegetarian recipes. Same happens if you have an allergy, you can filter all the recipes to find the ones without that ingredient.

As you can see, with Tasty you can have all the recipes you want. If you want something salty, dessert, lunch, breakfast and more, you can find it here easily. So, if you want to know how to download Tasty, keep reading.

How to download Tasty?

If you want to download Tasty right now, you just need to go at the top of this post and tap on the download button. Then, this will take you to another page where you need to choose the right device system. And finally, tap again on the download button and it will be ready in a few minutes.

This app is available for free for Android and iOS devices. So you can also find it in the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

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