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When we have a work team with whom we must communicate for different work projects, we require a chat group to be in contact and share different files. However, it is not always good to mix our usual chat apps for this. Slack emerges as a social network dedicated to employees and companies to be able to communicate in a group chat with other employees of the same company. If you want to have your work contacts in one place, you must download Slack, with which we can also create public chat channels, group conversations, and even private messages.

Slack is a service that you can find available on the web but also has applications for iOS and Android, to take the conversation wherever you go. Slack includes all the media in one place and also integrates a large number of tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, MailChimp, Skype and much more.

If you want to know more about this application, in this post we show you everything you need to know to download Slack.

How does Slack works

Slack is a real-time messaging system for communication between teams. You will have the possibility to incorporate different chat channels, which can be accessed by all members of a team.

You can also create private groups, ideal for different work projects. Being an administrator, you have the possibility to customize your chat channel. However, you can also allow everyone with an email address from your company to join, without the need for an invitation.

Slack also works as a social network where you can send private messages to all users who are part of the chat, in the same way, we can do it on Twitter.

Slack offers a really useful search function. Thus, using the bar at the top of the screen, you can search through all the chats of the team, sent files, and direct messages.

When you download Slack you can also share documents stored in the cloud through Google Drive. It also has integration with Dropbox to add files, but also to backup other files that have been uploaded. And, finally, the most interesting thing is that it has integration with Trello, one of our favorite productivity tools. Within Slack you can import the Trello cards that you want or in which you are working.

How to download Slack

Download Slack is very simple and will allow you to always be in touch with your work team wherever you are. As mentioned before, it is a web tool but you can find its application comfortably in the Google Play Store for devices with Android operating system, and in the iTunes App Store for devices with iOS.

Download Slack is free; however, you can find purchases within the application to access different plans with more storage space and the integration of more services. The shortcuts for download are at the end of this post, these will take you to this app on the stores mentioned above; choose the link according to your device.

Download Slack


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