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If you want to have fun with some friends playing games on your phone, then you definitely need to download Run Race 3D.  This game is very fun and the best thing is that it is multiplayer, so you can invite all your friends and have a competition with them to have fun. Run Race 3D is basically a run race with a twist, since you need to do pirouettes, jump along the way, spin and so much more. So, you will be basically doing parkour while running.

Run Race 3D is a very popular game nowadays and people are loving it because you can play with other friends and have fun with it. You will be able to see your friends on the screen so you can know all the time how the race is going. So, if you are interested in this game, you just have to keep reading this post to know exactly what you need to do. We will explain you how to play and how to get the game on your phone.

How to play Run Race 3D?

As we mentioned before, this game is very popular and fun and you can invite all your friends to play this game with you. The mechanics of it are very simple, you just have to run faster than all your friends and get to the finish line first. But is not that simple because you will find obstacles, walls and so much more. So, you need to jump, spin, and do a lot of pirouettes to find your way and win.

If you invite your friends, you will be able to see the three of them plus your character running in the screen. You can know exactly the position of all of them and see what your current position is. This can be helpful to know exactly the race is going and to know what are you facing to.

Run Race 3D has different levels and tracks, so all of the levels are different and you need to learn new skills to improve and succeed in all tasks. To do this, you need to run more and more every time, this way your character can learn new tricks and skills to run like a true master of this app.

If you want to download Run Race 3D on your phone, keep reading this post to know what you need to do step by step.

How to download Run Race 3D?

If you want to download Run Race 3D right now on your device, you just have to tap on the download button that is at the top of this post. Then, choose your device system and follow all the instructions to get the app.

This game is available for Android and iOS devices, so you can also find it through the Google Play Store or at the App Store for free.

Download Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D

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