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The download of third-party apps, books, documents, videos and other multimedia content, has made it necessary to compress or manage these files to transfer or download it from the internet more easily. Therefore, the famous WinRar application that helps us compress files in our PCs is now available to be able to reduce the size and share files easily in our mobile devices. RAR is a version for Android operating systems of the classic program to compress and decompress files that we have known for several years. If you need to open compressed files, edit them or even create them, you must download RAR.

RAR for Android is an excellent tool for managing compressed files, which brings the same functions of the great WinRAR for Windows to the screens of mobile devices. If you want to know more about how to download RAR in this post we show you how.

RAR has the objective of reducing the size of a file, game, program or application without losing a single data. With RAR you can work with any file in RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO or ARJ format. You can take a look at the contents of any file in these formats, extract documents, and even open them directly and work with the documents inside.

How does RAR works?

Download RAR will allow you to create RAR or ZIP files in a simple way from the terminal interface. You will only have to select the files you want to compress, enter a new name for the file, and set a password. The file will be stored in the memory of the device and you can easily share it.

RAR allows you to create RAR and ZIP files, as well as unzip RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, X7, 7z, ISO and ARJ. You can also add the option to repair corrupted ZIP and RAR files or other functions such as recovery log, encryption, use of several CPUs to compress data and speed up the compression.

To create a file, the application offers you many options both basic and advanced level, being able to choose for example the type of file, establish a password, create solid files, choose the type of compression or choose the number of parts in which to divide a file.

You can preconfigure a file profile so you do not need to select all the parameters in the following occasions one by one. It also includes an integrated file browser, which will allow you to extract files in a moment, even selecting several at the same time to save time.

We can also extract the file by selecting the destination path and, if necessary, decide whether to overwrite existing files when decompressing. You can even add files to favorites, to include those files that you usually use frequently in a faster way.

How to do download RAR?

If you are one of those who need to manage files, download and compress, you need to download RAR. Currently this app is available only on devices with Android operating system.

You can find it in the Google Play Store as “RAR for Android” created by RARLAB and with only 5.9 Mb of weight. You can download RAR for free by accessing the shortcuts that we leave at the end of this post.

Download RAR


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