Surely you have seen in all the social networks the short and funny videos where people sing and dance synchronized with music. It is very easy to make them and they are possible thanks to the appearance of the app awhile ago. Download and start making lip singing videos!

This application helps you to create and share fun music videos with all your friends and followers. The creators announced recently that they would merge with the Tik Tok application, the name by which the app is currently available in the main application stores. So if you wanted to download you should download the official Tik Tok app, which offers the same fun features.

The concept of is to explore creativity and have fun creating new videos with the different touch that each user can provide. They can be funny Vine-style videos, or the most popular music and dance videos. If you want to know more about this app in this post we will show you how it works and how you can download

How does work?

After you download (under the name of Tik Tok), the first thing you should do is create an account. You can do it very quickly with your Line, Talk,Twitter, Gmail, Instagram or Facebook account. Then you can start creating yourvideos or exploring the thousands of videos that Tik Tok and usersadd daily.

To create your videos you will have different possibilities. For example, you can choose to record a video directly from the application or choose photographs and clips stored in the memory of your mobile device. In the same way, you can add millions of predetermined songs to the video, or choose a song stored on your device.

The video editing process of Tik Tok or is fast and simple, and also includes many fun features. You can add all kinds of video effects, such as image filters, speed control, time lapse, reverse, and other effects such as the time machine.

Tik Tok – is a social network with a different concept, dedicated to people who are not afraid to share their videos with their favorite songs. You can also find lots of interesting videos at any time and filtering your searches or watching your friends or favorite users.

You will also have the possibility to share your best videos with the community of the app and with all your friends in other social networks.

How to download

To download, as we have said, you should look for it with the name of Tik Tok since both apps were merged under that name. The app is completely free and you can get it in the main application stores. In Google Play Store for devices with Android operating system with versions up to 4.1. In iTunes Play Store for devices with iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) versions up to 9.3.

If you want to start having fun with this app right now, at the top of this post we leave you the direct shortcuts so you can download APK.


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