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In the actual world, where everything is so fast and every day there is something new, it is really important to be updated in the world of technology. Microsoft Word is a name that is really common and known in the world of computers (you probably heard it thousands of times, right?) but what about smartphones and tablets? Nowadays smartphones and android devices are a really important part of people’s lives, they are used every single day and for almost everything: to work, to be organize, to communicate, and even for fun! Microsoft couldn’t stay behind, that is why they have now developed Microsoft Word app for android and iOS, the most popular program for creating and editing documents now in your smartphone and tablets. Here’s how you can download Microsoft Word:

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word app is a word processor with functions very similar to the ones in the PC program. Here you can create, read and edit documents directly on your smartphone or tablet. This app makes the experience of using word to a new level, making it easier and faster, at any time and everywhere.

Features on Microsoft Word

As a great feature for devices, you can save the documents in various formats. Also, you can read documents easily: this app adapts the document to the screen of your device so you don’t have to be making zoom and moving the screen. Another great feature is that you can directly speak on the app and it will write what you are saying. Also, you can save all your documents in One Drive and connect all your devices, without losing any important information.

How to download Microsoft Word?

Having Microsoft Word in your device is really easy and useful; if you are reading this on your android you can click the bottom “Download” directly in this page. But if this is not your case and you are reading this on your computer, you can use the same bottom to download the Microsoft Word app. You will get and APK file and after this you have to transfer it to your device using a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection if you have that option. When it’s already in your device, you have to find the file (you can use a file manager app) then tap to install and that’s it! You can also download Microsoft Word using Google Play, tap in search and look for it, then download it.

If you use an iOS device, you can search for Microsoft Word directly on your device by opening the App Store and searching for it. If you are using your PC you can go to the iTunes program and once there open the App store and download it, after this you just have to connect your device and synchronize it.

As you can see, having Word on your devices is really easy. We know that you will enjoy having this app and it’s going to make everything related to documents way easier, so download Microsoft Word now and enjoy!

Download Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

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