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If you need to make video calls or video conferences right now, what if we tell you that you can just use Facebook? Well, the company has just release a new feature where you can call a lot of people at the same time and share your information with them. This new option is called Messenger Rooms and you can use it from your Facebook or Messenger app easily. You can download Messenger Rooms through these apps easily.

Messenger Rooms is a new addition due to the pandemic going on that will try to facilitate the communication among friends, family and teams. It is a very simple tool but very helpful that everybody can use without any problem. Actually, even people without a Facebook account can use this tool too and join the conversation.

So, if you want to know more about Messenger Rooms, keep reading this post because we will tell you all the features it has and how to use it in your device. Also, we will explain you how to download Messenger Room at the end of the post.

What can you expect from Messenger Rooms?

This is a new addition to the existent apps. So, if you already have a Facebook account, you can create these video conferences easily. You just need to have the app on your device, either Facebook or Messenger. Another option is to use it directly on your desktop and have access through the navigator.

With Messenger Rooms you can call up to 50 different people. You can join with family, friends and team through it. You just have to create one of these “rooms” and share the link of it with all the contacts you want in. So, these contacts just need to access your room and they will join immediately.

Something very helpful is that is not limited to Facebook users. So, if someone doesn’t have a Facebook account needs to be in the call, you can share with them the link of the room. They will be able to have access, they just need to add some contact information like the name, and then they can start talking with everybody without problems.

Another incredible feature is that it is not a boring tool to call, you can make everything fun like adding filters, change the background, use augmented reality and so much more. So, if you like how this sounds and you want to know how to download Messenger Rooms, keep reading the post.

How to download Messenger Rooms?

As we mentioned before, this is a tool that is integrated in the Facebook or Messenger app. So, to get it you just have to download one of this apps, create your account or login. Then, look for this option and create your own room. Is that simple!

If you already have these apps you can look for it already and start using it. You can do it from your mobile device or you can use it from your computer too. Of course, these tool is completely free for everybody.

Download Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms

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