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Many of us know that Google is no longer simply a search engine. Now the big company even comes to our homes to become our domestic assistant. Google Home is an app that allows you to connect and control your device, home audio, thermostat temperature and much more! Download Google Home and control all your home devices easily and very quickly.

Previously Google Home was the official app to control Chromecast, but now in addition to synchronizing your device to your TV, you can synchronize many more artifacts from your home. 

Google Home is an application that facilitates the control of your home as well as giving it a very modern touch. It is easy to configure since it does not require high knowledge in technology and you can also have it on any Android or iOS device.

If you want to know more about this fabulous app, in this post we will show you everything about how it works andhow you can download Google Home.

How does Google Home Works?

The configuration of Google Home is so so simple, that actually the user will not have to do practically anything. You will only have to choose which device you want to be able to manage from your Smartphone and be in the same WiFi network.

Once you have the Google Home application configured, just one tap on the screen of the Android device will be enough to control different devices in the home.

This can be synchronized with the speaker with Google Home Hub screen, in addition to the Home View assistant, or Google Chromecast for TV. This way you cancomfortably control all the accessories connected in your home to the samenetwork.

With Google Home you can control and manage hundreds of devices in your home such as lights, cameras, televisions, thermostats, and more compatible devices. Your mobile device will become a convenient control center where you can add up tomore than 1,000 home automation devices.

After you download Google Home and configure the app, you can see in the main tab the rooms of your house with all the connected accessories. By clicking on an accessory you can adjust the light, volume, temperature, etc.

In the following tabs you can discover and explore multimedia content to send to your compatible TV or speakers with Chromecast. In the last tab you can customize your account and the settings of the application.

How to download Google Home?

To download Google Home you just have to follow some steps. If you have devices that can be synchronized, this is the control center for your home to be increasingly comfortable and modern.

This app is available in the Google Play Store for devices with Android operating system versions 4.4 or higher. It is also available in the iTunes AppStore for iPhone, iPad or iTouch devices with iOS 10.0 or higher operating system.

If you want to install this app on your device right now you can tap or click on the direct shortcuts we leave you at the beginning of this post so you can download Google Home APK very easily.

Download Google Home

Google Home

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