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Making video calls has never been easier with all the tools offered on mobile devices. However, one of the applications to make video calls that ultimately you must have is Google Duo. Google Duo is an application that will allow you to make video calls in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. Its interface is very simple and clean so you will have no problem using it. If you are interested in starting to make video calls in a quick and easy way, in the top of this post we have a quick download button with which you can download Google Duo.

The only necessary requirement to be able to make video calls with Google Duo, is that you must associate the app with a real mobile phone number; otherwise you will not be able to keep a video call with anyone. If you want to know more about Google Duo, here we tell you everything you need to know.

Why download Google Duo

Google Duo is quite intuitive. After downloading Google Duo you will not need to learn new ways to call, or add contacts since everything is done easily and quickly. On the screen of your device you will simply see the image that the front camera is capturing and a simple button that will allow you to access your contacts, with the options menu to be displayed from the upper right corner. When someone calls you using Google Duo you can see their image instantly, but only if you pick them up they can see you. This way you will know exactly who is calling you before you even start with the video call.

Download Google Duo is to have access to a simple app to make video calls, without complications and that is understood to the first by any user regardless of the platform and their previous knowledge. Making a video call is extremely easy: from the first moment you will have the option to go to the contact list. This will show you first of all those who have the app installed and then those who do not have it, with the option of inviting from the same contact. In fact, something that distinguishes it from Hangouts and other video call services is that it only asks for the phone number and not an email.

The activation of Google Duo is done in the same way as WhatsApp, requesting a six-digit code that you can receive by SMS.

How to download Google Duo

Download Google Duo is very simple and you can do it in different ways that we will show you here. If you have a device with iOS operating system, you can search it from the App Store of your device, write in the search bar “Google Duo” and when the application appears press “Install” wait a few seconds until the icon of the app appears in your home screen ready to use

If you use an Android device you can perform this same procedure but looking for the app from Google Play Store on your device, or computer. You also have the option to use our quick and easy download button, located at the top of this post. You just have to download the apk file to your mobile device, locate it through a file manager and press “Install”.

Download Google Duo

Google Duo

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