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One of the main email services is without a doubt Gmail. In fact, it is currently the mail service with most users worldwide. So it does not need such a presentation. It is the email of Google, which is very easy to use but it does not stop being fast, efficient, ordered and with multiple tools. With just download Gmail you will have access to different Google services with the same account, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts and Google Docs.

Currently almost every Internet user has a Google account, and Gmail mail turns out to be many tools in one, with a very clean design, very easy to sort and search your emails by filters or tags. If you want to know more about this popular app, in this post we will not only show you how to download Gmail, you will also know a bit about its tools and functions.

How does Gmail work?

After you download Gmail on your mobile device (on some Android devices this app is pre-installed from the factory), the first thing you should do is sign in with your Google account.

If you do not have one, it will be very easy and quick to open one by entering some personal information and configuring a username and password. Then you can access your inbox, which can group your emails according to the promotional, social networks, attachments and more. For this you count with 15 GB of free storage.

Gmail offers a very sophisticated and easy-to-configure filter system where you can select which emails will be automatically saved in different folders in order to get them faster. You will also have a search engine where you can search your emails by sender, recipient, content, date, etc.

Gmail also has a very advanced spam filter were all spam emails can be stored and deleted as often as you configure it. This way you can keep your inbox more organized and have only important emails in view.

Gmail has synchronization with other Google services: You can quickly access documents you receive through Google Docs directly from Gmail very easily, you can edit them or create new ones to share later. Send and store multimedia content through Google Drive, or send notifications or invitations to events through Google Calendar very easily.

A very important function of the Gmail app is that you can access accounts of other email services such as Yahoo or Outlook, so that you have all your emails in one place.

How to download Gmail?

Now that you know all the tools that this amazing Google service gives you, you can not hesitate to download Gmail. Many Android devices have this pre-installed factory app, however you can download or update it through the Google Play Store.

Also users with iOS can download Gmail through the App Store for free. Both links can be found at the end of this post, which will take you to the respective stores according to your device to start enjoying the most popular email service.

Download Gmail


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