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In all our mobile devices with Android we need to have tools that do not facilitate the use and allow us to do the tasks faster, and the app that we will recommend now will be ideal to have on your device. Gboard is the official Google keyboard that you can download and install on all your Android devices. Download Gboard right now and start enjoying all the tools that this amazing app has for you. Gboard is an ideal complement for your Smartphone.

This app is one of those tools that we cannot stop having on our devices. Gboard allows us to more easily access all the tools we frequently use, and puts many other tools at hand that we can use. Discover right now everything that this fantastic app has for you, from options to type faster to direct searches on Google without having to access the browser.

If you want to know more information to start using this fabulous app, we recommend you continue reading this post. Right now we show you how to download Gboard and how to enjoy all the tools that this app has for you. Discover right now everything this app can do.

Use Gboard on your Android and improve your writing experience

Gboard, being the Google board specially designed for Android devices, puts at your disposal many tools that will make you enjoy writing more. To start you can find a keyboard with customizable themes and comfortable letters to write. You can add different languages ​​to your settings so that the Google dictionary helps you type faster in any language.

You can also use the Google translator directly from your keyboard, just write what you want to translate and select the new language. You can automatically translate what the text says to more than 30 languages. You can even translate the messages that come to you in other languages ​​to read them in your original language.

Another tool you can use is voice dictation; Google has greatly improved this tool and the keyboard is able to perfectly understand what you say and put it into words. If you want to write with one hand you can use the gestural writing system by moving your finger across the screen.

Finally you can access stickers, emojis, Gifs and much more. Search Google directly from the keyboard, download images and more. Download Gboard right now and discover everything this app has for you.

How to download Gboard?

Start using this fantastic tool right now on any of your Android devices. Download Gboard right now through Google Play for smartphones and tablets. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this app easily.

Gboard is an app that does not require an internet connection unless you want to search on Google or do a translation. The app is completely free and available for the vast majority of Android devices. Download this app right now and start enjoying its advantages.

Download Gboard


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