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Facebook is one of the most famous social media; that is something undeniable. It was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes; and since it began it has been growing and growing up through the years. In 2009 it had 250 millions of users, in 2011 it has 800 million and in 2015 it had 1.500 million of users from all over the world. Thinking on that growing they developed the Facebook application for tablets and smartphone; but for some old and with low storage devices it was really heavy. That is why they created Facebook Lite and app that offers the same benefits that the Facebook app, but it will only occupy a few MB of your storage. Here we show you how to download Facebook Lite.

Features on Facebook Lite

The main and most attractive feature of Facebook Lite is it weight, this app will only use 2 MB of your storage. Thanks to this it doesn’t matter if your internet connection is not good because it will be downloaded it a few minutes.

Related to this feature, when we include de data base and cache data, the app can increase to 6 Mb, which is really low. This app was made to work in any internet no matter the speed of the connection, so you can read your wall and post photos easily and fast. And also it doesn’t consume quickly your mobile data, helping you to save money. One of the most important is that it works in almost every device, including the older versions of android. For these reasons and more, you should download Facebook Lite.

How to download Facebook Lite

Download Facebook Lite is very easy; if you use Android devices you have three different ways to get it. The first one is on your device you can go to the top of this page and tap on the “Download” button. It will last just a few minutes and then you can install and enjoy.

The second option is on your computer click on exactly the same button in this page and you will get an APK file. You have to transfer this file to your device; after this you have to search for the file on your device, then tap and install. The last option is on your device open the Google Play Store and search for Facebook Lite then download it.

If you use iOS, you can directly go on your device to the app store and search for Facebook Lite. If you want to do it through your computer, you have to open the iTunes program. Once there you can open the app store and search for the app, then download it; the last step is connect your device to the compute and synchronized with the iTunes program.

If you are a Facebook lover this app is made for you, you can enjoy all the benefits that Facebook gives you but in a lite version.You can get the best service without suffocating your device. Download Facebook Lite now.

Download Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite

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