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For the lovers of role play games goGame has released a new game that you absolutely need to have. If you want to find out why, keep reading and download Dragon project. In this MMORGP game (which means massively multiplayer online role-playing game), you will become an amazing and brave hunter. On your adventure the dragons have invaded the kingdom of Heiland and your mission is finding them and fight against them in order to keep the people save and keep your kingdom in peace. This game is available for Android and iOS. Download Dragon project to find out if you can be that special hunter that will conquer the world, keep the peace and beat all the monsters and dragons.

Features on Dragon Project

Dragon project is an amazing game that includes many great features. One of them is that it has many different characters and each one of them has a different story to tell and special characteristic that will help you through the story. Also it includes five different types of weapons that will adjust to your fighting abilities. While you haunt dragons and monster they will give you some elements that you can use to create new and more powerful weapons in order for you to be a better hunter. Heiland is an open world that you can discover and explore, alone or with your friends. The game includes a cooperative way in real time and with their help you can complete the missions and be more effective at haunting.

How to download Dragon Project

In order for you to download Dragon Project you have to follow some simple steps. If you use an Android device you have three different ways to do it, first one is: go to the top of this page on your device and tap on the download button, wait until it finishes, then tap the file and install.

The second option is on your computer: click on the same bottom in this page, you will get an APK file, then you have to transfer this file to your device. You can use an USB cable or the Bluetooth to do this. After this you have look for the file on your device, you can use an APK file manager, then you just have to tap and install. The last option that you have is open the Google Play Store directly on your device, search for Dragon Project and download it.

If you want to download Dragon Project on your iOS device, you have two different options: one is on your device. Visit the App Store, search for the game and download it. Your second option is: on your computer open the iTunes program, after this open the App Store and search for the app and download it. Last, you need to connect your device to the computer and synchronize it with the iTunes program.

You shouldn’t wait anymore! Download Dragon Project and start fighting against dragons and monsters, save the kingdom and become the bravest haunter on history.

Download Dragon Project

Dragon Project

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