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Something we should all do is look for exercises that keep our mind always exercised to avoid memory problems. The good thing is that from our mobile devices we can find different types of games that will help us to have our brain always functioning in the best way. Download CodyCross right now and start discovering everything this fantastic app has for you. Do not miss the opportunity to have this app.

Start enjoying everything that this wonderful game has for you right now. CodyCross is a very fun game designed especially for adults. This crossword game will allow you to answer many questions and learn a lot of things while you are playing. Keep your mind active and learn hundreds of new things with this game. If you like to complete crosswords, this app is ideal for you.

If you want to know more information about this game, we invite you to continue reading this post. Right now we show you how to download CodyCross and how to play this fun game. CodyCross is a game very different from any other crossword game that you have played, so start enjoying right now everything that this app has for its players.

Answer questions and learn by playing

CodyCross is a crossword puzzle game that is nothing like others of its kind. To begin with, we will meet a little alien who has come to the solar system to investigate and discover things. With each level you complete the alien will complete an exploration mission.

Unlike other crosswords, with CodyCross you should only answer questions horizontally. In each level you will find a single vertical row, and this will be the most important row in the whole level. The vertical row will reveal the alien’s mission in each level. You can explore the solar system, each of the planets, the continents of the earth and much more.

Some questions may seem very difficult, so CodyCross gives you some extra help so you can complete all levels. The first wild card will be the most used and will serve to reveal a letter of a row. With the second wild card you can reveal the keyboard keys that form the word you are looking for.

You will also have two much more useful options, but use them with caution. If you spend all the chips for these wild cards you must buy more with real money. With these options you can reveal half of the letters that complete the word or directly the whole word.

How to download CodyCross?

If you want to start playing you just have to download CodyCross on your Smartphone or Tablet. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this app very easily. CodyCross is available for Android and iOS, so you can also find the game on Google Play and App Store.

CodyCross is a free game, but you can find some integrated purchases within the app. You will not need an internet connection to play this game. Start playing right now and learn hundreds of things in a very interactive way.

Download CodyCross


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