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Personalizing your mobile can be complicated, but with the right tools you can change your phone as you wish. Launchers are these tools. They are part of the software and allow us to adjust our device to our liking. Today, we recommend you to use CM Launcher 3D, an app that allows us to give a three-dimensional touch to our interface. Once you download CM Launcher 3D your phone will look different.

Within this app you will have a lot of options to organize all your applications in your mobile. We will have a 3D vision so they are easy to find. But also, the wonderful thing about this app is that it has other functions, such as cleaning and optimizing the mobile,tools that will help you to erase all these unnecessary files that take away memory.

CM Launcher 3D features

With CM Launcher 3D you can adjust all the elements that are in your main screen or in the menu of your mobile. This app is responsible for giving a unique and exclusive look to your device. We can choose from themes of different colors, widgets, different icons for apps, transition effects, configure your navigation and much more.

In this app we can also have access to virtual reality themes that let us choose VR effects. The 3D graphic layer is the most striking feature of this app, but we also have other tools such as an administrator that will help us organize apps in folders.

Another great features of this app is that we can hide and block apps to keep the privacy of our devices. But also, once you download CM Launcher 3D, you can use widgets for our contacts, notes, calendars and all kinds of options. Lastly, you would think this app is really heavy and it will take a lot of space, but the truth is that this app is light and it will speed your phone.

CM Launcher 3D is an app that impresses everyone. It is an optimizer and personalizer for your mobile device that will turn your interface into something unique. The main functions of the app are free but if you want to have access to exclusive elements you can do it paying for the premium version.

So, if you want to download CM Launcher 3D right now but you don’t know how to do it, keep reading because we will explain you everything you need to know.

How to download CM Launcher 3D?

If you want to download CM Launcher 3D APK right now, you can just go at the top of this post and tap on the download button. Then, follow the instructions to get the app and wait a few minutes until the process is completed. Now you only need search for the file and install it. In a few seconds will be ready to use.

This app is available for Android devices, so you can also get it at the Google Play Store. As we mentioned before, you can have it for free but you can also get a premium version.  

Download CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher 3D

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