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If there are applications that every girl should have, this is without a doubt, one of those. Clue Period Tracker will help you maintain control of your cycle and know those days of the month when you are ovulating or when your period will arrive. Even if you have an irregular cycle, Clue integrates many different tools with which you can predict the day of your menstruation. All this through a very easy to use interface and with different reminders so that you can enter information about your day. Download Clue will make your life easier and it will only take a few minutes to enter your data in a very comfortable way to take control of your cycle.

Clue is a very simple application with a design that is easy to understand and use. Its many tools will make it easier to keep up with your period or ovulation. If you want to know more about how to use and download Clue, in this post we will show you everything you need to know.

How does Clue Works?

To start using Clue you must answer a series of questions about your last cycle, the approximate days of this, if you suffer from PMS and other basic questions. Throughout this process, the app will release several tips, recommendations and information quite useful in case you have any questions about your period. Then, Clue will show you the approximate date of your next menstruation, fertile days and beginning of PMS. You can configure notifications of this if you wish.

After you download Clue, you can create an account with which you can take your information to any device to always be aware of your cycle. Daily you can answer simple questions just by selecting the options shown with fun images: select if you are sad, discouraged, happy, active, full of energy; select if you have cravings or your gut rhythm; select what type of vaginal discharge you have.

All of these options will help you more easily predict the exact day of your menstrual cycle. The more you use the app, and the more information you select in it, the easier the prediction will be.

In addition, the app allows you to share this information with your partner or with a family member in a completely secure and private way. In this way you can share your fertile days with your partner if you are looking to get pregnant or share information about your cycle and period with a professional in this area.

How to download Clue

Download Clue will provide you with a useful and necessary tool for every woman. It is a completely free app with information stored in the cloud that you can find in the iTunes App Store for devices with iOS, and in the Google Play Store for devices with Android operating system.

At the end of this post we leave the direct shortcuts to its download in these stores so you can start using Clue today.

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