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We all know that some apps ask us for permission to access certain things on our Smartphone, such as the camera, the photo gallery, among other things. If you do not feel safe granting these permissions constantly to the app, you can use Bouncer. With Bouncer you can grant and remove the permissions of an app whenever you want so you don’t worry about what any app can do on your device. Download Bouncer and start using this app right now.

If you are a little suspicious of what apps can do with the information you access on your mobile device, you should start using Bouncer right now. With this app you can remove the permissions to an app automatically after using it, so as not to run any danger. Start right now and enjoy all the tools that this useful app has for you. Do not miss the opportunity to try Bouncer.

If you want to know more information about this wonderful app, we invite you to continue reading this post. Below we explain how this app works and how you can download Bouncer on your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Start using this tool right now and enjoy more privacy on your device.

Start enjoying Bouncer right now

Android devices are peculiarly susceptible to malicious attacks, either through malware or unreliable apps. There have been abundant cases of information theft through apps granted permissions to access photo gallery, camera, contacts and much more. Among the apps that accessed users’ personal information was even Facebook.

This is why it is very likely that you do not feel so confident in granting permissions to an app. For this and much more there is Bouncer, an app that removes access to an app whenever you want. You can configure Bouncer as you see fit, from removing access automatically after closing any app to setting schedules to remove access.

This way you will be more confident that no one can access your information without your permission. The function of Bouncer is to remove the permissions using the same manual method that you can use, but in just one second. This app is completely secure and will not ask you to access anything that has your personal information. Download Bouncer right now and start using this app.

How to download Bouncer?

If you want to start using this fabulous app you just have to download Bouncer on your Smartphone or Tablet. This app is available only for Android devices, so you will get this app on Google Play. At the end of this post we leave you the link to download Bouncer.

Bouncer is a paid app, but once you pay the only fee for this app you can use all its services for life. You will not need an internet connection to use Bouncer, and the app does not consume extra battery when in background mode. Start using this app now and enjoy all its benefits.

Download Bouncer


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