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BandCamp is one of the best apps for music lovers and all those singers and composers who want to start becoming famous. This is a music platform where you can upload tracks or discs for other users to listen to or buy. Here you can find thousands of songs by independent artists and new artists; so if you like to support new talent this is the app for you. Download BandCamp right now and start living good music. Now we show you how you can download this app and all the advantages it has for you. Keep reading!

How to download BandCamp?

Downloading BandCamp is really easy. If you want to start listening to new artists and enjoy the incredible music of independent talents, you should only have this app on your device. You can install this app on your Android and iOS devices. Although the app is free, to access many of the contents you must pay; this app works like an iTunes style music library.

You will have two options to download BandCamp on your Smartphone or Tablet. The first option will be to download the APK that you can obtain from our site. At the beginning of this post you will find a button with the option ‘download’ that will allow you to download the APK file. This file must be installed on your device; Make sure you have permission to install apps from unknown sources.

You can also download the app from the app store of your device. If you use Android you can go to Google Play and if you use iPhone you can go to the App Store. Remember that to use this app you must have an internet connection and you can find purchases within the app.

Listen to new artists with BandCamp

This amazing app was created so that thousands of independent musicians could sell their work. Artists from all over the world can use this platform to upload their music and promote their events. So if you are a music lover you can’t miss this app. In BandCamp you will find more than 600 thousand albums of new artists and independent artists from around the world.

Also, if you like the music of one of these independent artists you can buy their songs and albums. But this platform will also serve as a means of contact to learn more about your artists. You will also find news about famous artists and independent artists so you can live all the music better. You’ll find promotions for festivals and concerts by BandCamp artists and much more.

For artists who want to publish their music in BandCamp, things are very simple. Registration is completely free; and you can upload your music and content to your own page. You can fix the prices of your albums, sell tickets to concerts or festivals and allow people to listen to your music. This is why BandCamp charges 15% of your sales, which can reach 10% if you sell more than $ 500.

Download BandCamp right now if you want to make your music known or if you want to know new music from independent artists.

Download BandCamp


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