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Nowadays there are thousands of apps for android and iOS; this leads to have our devices exposed to virus that can come with these applications and can cause serious damages on them. That is why many companies have created anti-virus, of this kind also exists many of them but Avast mobile is very famous between users of all over the world. This company started the project in 1991; in order to keep being on the top of the best anti-virus app it has been making continuous improvements to offer the best service. Here we show you how to use and download Avast Mobile.

Features on Avast mobile

Avast mobile is a great antivirus. It can protect your devices from many malwares by analyzing all the others app on your phone and the SD card but that isn’t all; this app comes with other features like: app manager, a firewall that protects your device while you are navigating online. Also offers you the option to block some apps by adding a pin so not everybody can open them; as well you can filter calls and block some cellphone numbers and sms. If you want complete protection on your mobile devices, you should download Avast Mobile.

How to download Avast mobile?

Download Avast mobile is super easy. You have different options depending on if you are an android user or an IOS user.  In the case that you are an android user you have three different ways to get the application. The first one is the fastest, in this page you have to go up and search for the option “download” click there, wait a few minutes and install it. After this your device will be protect forever.

The second option is in the case that you are reading this on your computer. You have to follow the next steps. First, you have to look for the option “Download” above in this page, the download will start immediately and you will get an APK file; once you do this you have to connect your smartphone or tablet in the computer and transfer the file through a connection with a USB cable, or you can do it using the Bluetooth. The last step is search for the file on your device, tap it and install it. The third option is to visit google play directly on your device and search for the Avast mobile app directly there.

If you are an iOS user and you want to download Avast Mobile you have two different options. First one, on your computer open the iTunes program. Once you do this open the app store, in here look for Avast mobile, after this you just have to connect your device and synchronize it to have the app in your device. The second option is directly on your device open the app store, in here you can look for the app and then tap download, and that’s it.

As you can see getting this app is not complicated at all, get it and you will be available to enjoy the multiple benefits that Avast mobile can offer you and protect your device.

Download Avast Mobile

Avast Mobile

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