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When we want to take a walk or go for a hike it is always good to check the weather forecast to avoid setbacks. Even in the day to know if we carry with us the sunglasses or the umbrella. One of the best apps of this kind is 1Weather; an app thanks to which you can know the weather at any time, just by looking at the screen of your mobile device. If you want to be always aware of the weather, in this post we have a quick and easy download button so you can download 1Weather.

1Weather can become an indispensable tool for the day. No longer have to wait for the news to know the weather, just look at the screen of your mobile device. If you want to know more about this fabulous app, here we tell you a little and we show you how you can download 1Weather.

Why download 1Weather

Download 1Weather will give you access to the weather forecast from anywhere in the world; with a forecast of up to a week in advance, so you can know well in advance if it will rain or shine before making any plan. Its data is accurate and updated in real time.

1Weather will always predict the weather of the place where you are. For this it will be necessary to allow the app to detect your location, at which time it will always inform you of how the weather is anywhere you are. In addition the app includes among its functions a great widget, which you can place on your home screen to be always aware of the weather. It can also provide you with all the information you want about the weather with just turn on the device and look at your screen.

1Weather is a very useful tool for any user; but those interested in traveling or doing outdoor activities will find the app practically indispensable for their day to day. With this you can see humidity infographics, maps of the region with predicted rainfall and much more.

How to download 1Weather

You can download 1Weather very easily; and for that we have a quick and easy download button at the top of this post. Through this you will download an installer file that you must have on your device. If you download it directly from your mobile you will have to locate this file through a file manager. If you download from your computer, you must transfer it to your mobile via USB or Bluetooth and then locate it with a file manager. Select the file, accept the necessary permissions and accept the unknown sources. This way you will have installed 1Weather on your Android.

Another way to do this is by accessing Google Play from your Android device, or the App Store from your iPhone or other iOS device. Write in the search bar “1Weather”, select the result and press “Install. You must wait a few moments while the app is installed on your device and you’re done. Now you can start using 1Weather.

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